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IIS Server Installation on Windows 7

  1. Open Control Panel  –> Choose Programs and Features
  1. On the top of the left hand side pane, you can find Turn Windows features on or off. Click that option.
  1. Expand Internet Information Services and check all the options. Make sure all the options are checked with Tick Mark. 1


  1. And Click OK Button. It will take some time install IIS Server on your machine.


  1. Finally to check whether the IIS is installed on your machine, follow the instructions given below.

i.    Open the Browser

ii.    Type “http://localhost” on the Address Bar.

iii.    If you can see the following screen, then the IIS Server is successfully installed on your machine.


  1. To open IIS Management Console, type inetmgr in Run Prompt.


  1. IIS Server Management Console will appear as given in the following screen.


  1. We should configure the website on this IIS Server Console, for the web application deployment. I will post the steps in another post guys.


Wish You All Success!!! ~ Jeyakumar Kandasamy


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